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Proposal to Production

Process starts by having a well and deep interactions with our customers to provide products that can improve and solve wide range of issues. Only products that have passed with our intensive inspections will be delivered to our customers.

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Confirm Client Needs

We will surely grasps the customer’s request and propose the requirements of packaging materials while listening not only to the direct request but also to the problems around the actual needs.


Manufacturing Site Inspection

Understand the product manufacturing process, how to use packaging materials, etc. It is also possible to extract potential issues that the client does not notice.

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Designed for Products & Transportation

We develop & design our products with defined method and criteria in choosing the best materials applicable based on customer requirements.


Manufacturing Site Inspection

We carry out detailed shape and strength inspections using various inspection equipment. We only offer products that have passed our own inspection standards.

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Optimal Material Products

The material is determined in consideration of the required strength, characteristics, cost, etc. For molded products materials, we have our own materials exclusive for product transportation & provide cost efficient performance to our customers.


Packing Material Sample

We provide a 3D sample design to actually check and confirm packaging capability & further understands customer need.

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Product Parts Tray 3D Sample Design

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